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CaroMont Health Medical Executive Committee
George Adcock, MD
Chief of Staff-Elect, Obstetrics , CaroMont Health
Jim Arter, MD
Chair, Medicine
Jeffrey Babb, MD
Chair, Anesthesiology , CaroMont Health
Ellen S. Davis, MD
Chair, Pediatrics , CaroMont Pediatric Partners, Gastonia
Kevin Dul, MD
Chair, Radiology , Caromont Health
Eric Emerson, MD
Chair, Surgery, CaroMont Health
Andrew Jenis, MD
Department Chair, Emergency Medicine Physicians
Donald Klasing, MD
Chair, Psychiatry , CaroMont Health
Carmelita Lugue, DO
Chair, Obstetrics
James G. McGrath, MD
CaroMont Health Medical Executive Committee At Large Member , CaroMont Health
Parag M Phadke, MD
At Large Member, Surgery , CaroMont Health
John Scheitler, MD
Immediate Past Chief, Medicine, Piedmont adult & pediatric medicine associates
Rodney Smith, MD
Chief of Staff, Surgery, CaroMont Regional Medical Center
Steven Tracy, MD
Chair, Pathology, CaroMont Health
CaroMont Health Senior Leadership
Kathleen Besson
COO, CaroMont Health
Richard Blackburn
VP - Support Services , CaroMont Health
Todd Davis
VP of Medical Affairs, Gaston Anesthesia Associates
Bonnie Faust
AVP, Nursing , CaroMont Health
Kathleen Harwell
VP/CNO - Patient Care & Post-Acute Services , CaroMont Health
Donnetta Horseman, AVP, Corporate Responsibility Officer
VP, CaroMont Health
Mike Johnson
VP - IT Systems/Telecom , CaroMont Health
Maria Long
Chief Legal Officer , CaroMont Health
Doug Luckett
Interim CEO, CaroMont Health
Libby McCraw
VP - Human Resources , CaroMont Health
David O'Connor, EVP/CFO
Executive Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer, CaroMont Health
Andrea Serra
VP, Community Care Services, CaroMont Health
CaroMont Health Medical Staff Office
Donna McCrary
Credentialing Specialist , CaroMont Health
Kathy Metcalf
Credentialing Specialist , CaroMont Health
Debi Ward
Manager, CaroMont Health
CaroMont Health Education Department
Nancy Baker, RN
Education Specialist, CaroMont Health
Kimberly Grover
Manager Organization Development, Performance Improvement Operations
Dana Jones
Education Support Specialist , CaroMont Health
Suzanne Lineberger
Education Specialist, CaroMont Health
Cynthia Machuga, Education Coordinator
Education Coordinator, CaroMont Health
Toy Stone, RN, MSN
Student Coordinator Education Specialist , CaroMont Health
David Trammel
BLS Instructor , CaroMont Health
CaroMont Health Members
William Harley, MD, FACP
Infectious Disease Specialist, ID Associates
Russell Emerson, MD
MD, Caromont Family Medicine
Eugene Reynolds, MD
Please specify Gaston Family Health Services
Vipul Patel, MD
MD, Gaston Oncololgy
Deidra Mccants, MD
Caromont Family Medicine
Joanne Akong, MD
Hospitalist, CaroMont Health
Kanchan Dibert, MD
Leah Poovey, PA-C
South Point Family Practice
Derek Reed, DO
South Point Family Practice
Carl Thompson, DO
Hospitalist, Carolinas HealthCare
Shakeer Mahmood, MD
CaroMont Health
Aaron Brown, MD
Caromont Health
Pamela Pritchett, FNP
Caromont Family Medicine
Carly Ferguson, PA-C
CaroMont Health
James Neal, MD
Per Larsen, MD
CaroMont Health
Alan Clark, MD
Hospitalist, CogentHMG
Len Scarpinato, MD
CaroMont Health
Stephanie Johnson, NP
Nurswe Practitioner, CaroMont Occupational Medicine
Warwick Aiken, MD
Todd Hansen, MD
Lisa Wilson, MD
Shana James-Nzambele, MD
Gaston Family Health Services
Steve Vacalis, DO
Sailatha Bathula, MD
Caromont Medical Group
Kristen Burns, NP
Minute Clinic
Kenneth Burgess, MD
CaroMont Health
Cristian Pantea, MD
Myron Petruska, DO
Caromont Family Medicine - Belmont
Ronald Digby, MD
Gaston Medical Group, P.A.
Mark Reiber, MD
CaroMont Health
Demetria Austin, MD
CaroMont Health
John Francis Kliesch, MD
Pushpa Chander, MD
Michael Gaslin, MD
ENT Carolina
Frederic Levy, MD
Caromont Health
Anup Banerjee, MD
William Barrett, MD
Caromont Surgical Associates
Donna West, cHAP
Executive Assistant, CaroMont Health
Rodger Lefler, MD
Constance McMullan, MD
CaroMont Health
John Dashiell, MD
CaroMont Health
David Johnson, MD
Gaston Medical Group
Harpreet Bhalla, MD, FACC
Caromont Heart 200
Wendy Wright, Manager, Corporate Responsibility
Jennifer Melia, Corporate Responsibility Regulatory Coordinator
Lance Davis, Technology Services Manager
Kris Race, Server Administrator
James Greelish, MD
Medical Director, Cardiac Surgery, CaroMont Health
Greg Robicheaux, MD, FACCWS
CaroMont Wound Center
Randall Gehle, DO
Jamie Falkowitz, DO
Charles Meakin, MD
Southeast Radiation Oncology Group
DeMar Neal, MD
Caromont Surgical Associates
Maria Cables, CRNA
crna, Gaston Anesthesia Associates
Bill Aycock, MD
Eileen Sales, MD
Courtview Gynecology
Sean Lynch, MD
Ramada Smith, MD
Nora Paysour, NP
Caromont Critical Care Specialists
Stephanie Betters, NP
Novant Health
David Rinehart, MD
South Point Family Practice - CaroMont
Kevin O'Connor, MD
Sonia Mabout, PA
Johnathan Williams, MD
Manish Patel, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Carolina Urology Partners
Mark Bechtel, DO
Caromont Family Medicine
Darrell Elrod, PA-C
Ann Watts, NP
Caromont Family Medicine
Robert Saltzmann, MD
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat
Dustin Letts, MD
CaroMont Heart
Wendy Rogers, MA, MS, CCRP, CHRC
Director, Research Administration, CaroMont Health
Monica Wright, MSN, RN, CCRA
Manager, Research Administration, CaroMont Health
Robert Lester, MD
Gaston County
Russell Cox, MD
Gastonia Children's Clinic
Paula Lundgren, MD
Caromont Medical Group
Bryan Allf, MD
Rinku Bhatia, MD
CaroMont Medical Group
Jasmine Sicilia, PA-C
CaroMont Health
Julie LaCoursiere, PA
CLiC Immediate Care
Robert Zickler, MD
Snehal Patel, MD
Emergency Medicine Physicians
Inderjeet Singh, MD
Singh Surgical Associates, PC
George Hatsios, MD
Gaston Radiology
Dianna Tercan, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Desert Cardiology
Mark Thompson, MD
Caromont Heart
John Martin Bradshaw, PA-C
PA, CaroMont Medical Group
Vladimir Milstein, MD
CaroMont Health
Ming Qi, MD
Lisa Barrett, CRNA
Cameron Michael Bergin, PA
Neuroscience and spine Center
Robert Olson, MD
Katerina McHugh, NP
CaroMont Health
Mark Whalen, MD
Mark Edge, MD
Gaston Radiology
Lysa Long, CNM
James Antezana, MD
General & Vascular Surgery
Robert Miller, MD
John Garrett, MD
Carolina Urology Partners
Miguel Yanez, MD
Paulina Boohene, MD
Randall Adolph, DO
Amy Courson, CRNA
Carlos Sicilia, MD
Priya Palaniswamy, MD
Todd Cohen, MD
Norma Ramirez, CNM
Gaston Midwifery Associates
David Spainhour, PA
Brian OConnor, PA
CHS Urgent Care
Ian Cole, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Kevin Coppage, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Scott Cooklish, PA
Edward Silvoy, MD
Anthony Duarte, MD
Greg Milroy, MD
Suzanne Morton, PA
Piedmont Adult and Pediatric Medicine Associates
Lia Spina, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Michael Case, MD
Gaston Hospice
Linda Hablitz, NP
Caromont Regional Medical Center
Bryan Barboza, PA-C
Gaston Radiology PA
Laddeus Sutton, MD
CaroMont Health
Delyse Reichert, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Gaston Anesthesia Associates
Jean Vawter, NP
Sunny Severance, NP
Nurse Practitioner, CaroMont Health
Katherine C. Shinners, NP
Jacqueline Folks, MD
Physician, Caromont Health
Anthony Borzotta, MD
Surgeon, CaroMont Surgical Associates
John Watts, MD
Chris Nguyen, MD
Pathologist, CaroMont Health
Sandra Norville, Practice Manager
Paul Kochupura, MD
Wesley Marquand, MD
Jason Justice, MD
Medical Director, Caromont Critical Care Specialists
Reggie Parlier, MD
Sandra Schultz, MD
Carolina's Breast & General Surgery Center
Kathy Woodin, MD
William C. Hayes and Associates Pediatrics
Brian Sutton, MD
CaroMont Pathology
Costa Andreou, MD
Kirsten Damore, MD
Ajay Bajwa, MD
CaroMont Health
Fatima Brens, MD
Daniel McClellan, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Adam Brunfeldt, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Michael Sikes, PA
CaroMont Family Medicine-Stanley
Benson Timmons, MD
Chris Saltmarsh, MD
Omodele Masha, MD
David Major, MD
CaroMont Health
Radwan Ibrahim, MD
David Ferrand, MD
EMP of Gaston County
Nancy Kuney, CNW
Paul Rodenberger, MD
Carolina Urology Partners
Thomas Murphy, MD
CaroMont Health
Dorothy Kodzwa, MD
CaroMont Health
Anthony Arn, MD
Omer Shedd, MD
Caromont Heart
Shawn Van Wallendael, PA
Lutricia Bennett, NP
CaroMont Critical Care Specialists
James Harris, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Advanced Spine Care
Jonathan Planer, MD
Brian Buzzeo, MD
Jeffrey Molle, MD
Joseph Holman, MD
Ashley Women's Center
Melinda Threlkeld, MD
Assistant ED Director, Emergency Medicine Physicians
Keith Ayrons, MD
Maureen Earl, crna
Matthew Matthew, MD
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Dan Kelly, MD
Jennifer Casaletto, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician, Maricopa Medical Center Emergency Medicine Physicians
Timothy Longbine, MD
CaroMont Health
David Locklear, MD
Temidayo Adelekun, MD
Kings Clinic and Urgent Care
Chris Polen, MD
Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy, Caromont Critical Care Specialists
Arthur Olyai, DO
Cynthia Gray, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Gaston Anesthesia Associates
Christopher Prato, MD
Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center
Mikell Jarratt, MD
Richard Herring, MD
Gaston Radiology
Stanley Dover, MD
Robert Doline, MD
Courtney Day, NP
Adult Health Nurse Practitioner, CaroMont Health
W. Ryan Meredith, DPM
Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates
Mark Nesky, MD
Robert Kahn, MD
Deborah Grigg, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife
Shirley Ocloo, MD
Victoria Caudill, NP
Thomas Haser, PA
William Caddick, MD
Cassandra Graham
Program Manager, CogentHMG
Christina Zanakis, MD
Renee DeWeese, MD
Stephen Lostetter, MD
caromont health
Uchechi Iloka, MD
Endocrinologist, CaroMont Endocrinology Associates
Srinivas Cheruvu, MD
Edwin Bartine, DO
Susan Kresmeyer, CNM, MSN
Gaston County Health Department
Sherri Kwence, NP
Francisco Valedon, MD
Douglas Nigbor, MD
Edward Overton, DO
Khaled Elraie, MD
Kwame Larbi-Siaw, MD
Internist, CaroMont Health
Austin Osemeka, MD
Amy Hollar, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Manager (Pharmacy Services) , CaroMont Health
Mike Molby
PharmD, Director (Pharmacy Services) , CaroMont Health
Mark Chaparro, PharmD
Operations Manager (Pharmacy Services) , CaroMont Health
douglas graudons, PA
Jennifer Pennington, Licensed Professional Counselor
Charles Peach, MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist , Ashley Women's Center
Christina Huitt
Director of Quality, Clinical Performance Improvement, CaroMont Health
Jennifer Addington
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, CaroMont Health
William Hayes, MD
Jan Baucom
Director, Medical Records, CaroMont Health
Mike McCartney, MD
Allison Evanoff, MD
Bill Santay
Director, Business Development, Quantia
Teri Condon
VP, Strategy and Business Development, Quantia
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