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QuantiaMD Community Choice Award

The QuantiaMD Community Choice Award is unprecedented in medicine. For the first time, thousands of practicing physicians have taken precious time to view a presentation from an expert—at different times and from different locations, on their phone or online—and their personal opinion on its quality and effectiveness has been heard and counted. The net result is 16 award-winning presenters whose content has been collectively rated as exceptional by the QuantiaMD community.

This landmark award signals a new era in medicine by redefining how physicians learn and relate to one another. It is the ultimate form of editorial peer review: content evaluated and recognized for its practical value, without bias toward a presenter’s academic stature, institutional reputation, or professional politics. More than 1,000 peers have given each of these presenters and their presentations a rating of 5 stars, on a scale from 1-5—it is evidence-based appreciation.

Click on Community Choice Award recipient photos to hear in their own words what receiving this landmark award means to them and to view their award-winning presentations.

The QuantiaMD platform brings the best of the community-building potential of the Web to physicians. I've always been impressed by the high level of the content on the site. And now, by harnessing the viewpoints of literally thousands of physician peer reviewers, the Community Choice Awards vividly demonstrate that the wisdom of crowds applies to healthcare.

Robert M. Wachter, MD

Professor and Associate Chairman
Department of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Click a recipient’s photo
to hear in their own words what receiving this landmark award means to them and to view their award-winning presentations.

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