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QuantiaMD is the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians. Today, 1-in-3 U.S. physicians visit QuantiaMD, online and through their phones, to keep up with new information and to learn from their colleagues. QuantiaMD members share real-life experiences from clinical practices nationwide, and engage directly with healthcare institutions to meet a variety of objectives that reduce costs and improve the quality of care.
It all started in 2006 when Leon G. Smith Sr., MD, an infectious disease specialist and an AIDS treatment pioneer, challenged Eric Schultz, the founder of QuantiaMD, to apply the best technology to address what he saw were key challenges to modern medicine:
Leon G Smith Sr. MD
  • Essential personal contact and social learning are being beaten out of medicine at a time when they are needed most. Physicians are increasingly feeling isolated and marginalized.
  • Patients must become better partners in their care.
Paul Blachman
"Every day, clinicians are faced with patients with particular sets of circumstances and unique problems, and the art of medicine involves making individualized clinical decisions based on clinical experience and knowledge, as opposed to computerized prompts and algorithms. QuantiaMD has helped buck the trend of mindless algorithmic medicine and has helped restore some of the 'art' of medicine."
Paul Blachman, MD
Naveen Rajpurohit
"Knowledge is no longer synonymous with reading from books. Concise, interactive cases and presentations, such as those found on QuantiaMD, along with the ability to connect in new ways with colleagues, are changing the way we learn and practice medicine. I can confidently say that QuantiaMD has heralded a new revolution in the way we learn medicine."
Naveen Rajpurohit
Steven Sandler
"QuantiaMD helps me keep up with excellent, relevant and timely presentations that are easy to understand. I have applied knowledge acquired from listening to QuantiaMD to better treat several of my patients and have acquired greater knowledge of other specialties to benefit my patients who have multiple medical problems."
Steven Sandler, MD
Sarah Curry
"As a practicing physician, I am also a life-long student and keeping up with the latest information is so easy on QuantiaMD. With QuantiaMD on my life-saving smartphone, I have 24/7 access to well-presented, easily accessible (and dare I say, FUN) presentations, practice enhancing tips, and peer support. I am never more than a few keystrokes away from an enormous wealth of cutting edge information."
Sarah Curry, MD
You will:
  • Learn from top experts giving short, interactive presentations
  • Gather feedback from colleagues
  • Solve real-world cases from real physicians
  • Earn free CAT 1 and CAT 2 CME
  • Earn rewards by solving puzzles and challenges
  • Join communities of colleagues sharing a common cause
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