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QuantiaMD is a web and mobile community for physicians. Members stay ahead of research and trends by learning from experts and each other through concise, interactive presentation and discussions - during a coffee break, between patients - even on the treadmill. By joining, physicians gain valuable knowledge and advice they can apply to practice right away.
The practice of medicine is becoming more complex every day and the amount of knowledge physicians need is rising at an unprecedented rate. Additionally, physicians are under immense pressure to see more patients while delivering better care at lower costs. In this environment, physicians often don't have time for the social learning and collaboration that used to take place at conferences, meetings, and grand rounds.
QuantiaMD was founded by a group of software development and healthcare executives to revive the physician-to-physician teaching and learning being lost in medicine today. We understand good medicine is both science and art and strive to support physicians in their lifelong journey to deliver the highest quality of care for their patients.
QuantiaMD was launched in 2006 and today has more than 225,000 physician members across the country learning and collaborating in unprecedented ways.
We've partnered with 1,000+ physician experts from major hospitals and institutions who help guide our content and share their expertise. As a member of QuantiaMD, you can ask questions of these experts - from the web or a mobile device—and collaborate with other physicians nationwide.
Paul Blachman
"Every day, clinicians are faced with patients with particular sets of circumstances and unique problems, and the art of medicine involves making individualized clinical decisions based on clinical experience and knowledge, as opposed to computerized prompts and algorithms. QuantiaMD has helped buck the trend of mindless algorithmic medicine and has helped restore some of the 'art' of medicine."
Paul Blachman, MD
Naveen Rajpurohit
"Knowledge is no longer synonymous with reading from books. Concise, interactive cases and presentations, such as those found on QuantiaMD, along with the ability to connect in new ways with colleagues, are changing the way we learn and practice medicine. I can confidently say that QuantiaMD has heralded a new revolution in the way we learn medicine."
Naveen Rajpurohit
Steven Sandler
"QuantiaMD helps me keep up with excellent, relevant and timely presentations that are easy to understand. I have applied knowledge acquired from listening to QuantiaMD to better treat several of my patients and have acquired greater knowledge of other specialties to benefit my patients who have multiple medical problems."
Steven Sandler, MD
Sarah Curry
"As a practicing physician, I am also a life-long student and keeping up with the latest information is so easy on QuantiaMD. With QuantiaMD on my life-saving smartphone, I have 24/7 access to well-presented, easily accessible (and dare I say, FUN) presentations, practice enhancing tips, and peer support. I am never more than a few keystrokes away from an enormous wealth of cutting edge information."
Sarah Curry, MD
QuantiaMD is free for physicians. As the community has grown, so too has interest from organizations who want to engage members about their products and services. While the vast majority of content on QuantiaMD is independent, we also develop client-specific content with partners, which is clearly marked and identified as such. In addition, QuantiaMD charges fees to carry Continuing Medical Education that is produced and accredited by third parties such as medical associations and commercial medical education companies.
Learn more about our commercial offering by visiting

QuantiaMD + Univadis is a free, time-saving medical news & education community designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. Unique executive summaries from Univadis tame the onslaught of medical literature and keep clinicians up to date in just a few minutes per day. Concise, interactive educational presentations from our experts on QuantiaMD help clinicians stay on top of practice-changing research and trends, and collaborate with colleagues at any time, on any device.

Aptus Health does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy of the content, or for practices or standards of non-Aptus Health sources.

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