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Nothing is More Central to Care
Welcome to this community devoted to the absolute bedrock of good medical practice. Here you will find expert micro-lectures from doctors and nurses, but also from patients and families. I hope you take advantage of this unique forum, and if you have feedback or suggestions for me, contact me directly.
Brian Driscoll
Group Publisher, Quantia
Ask The Patient
Trisha Torrey
Inspirational Patient and Doctor Stories
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Jose Mandry, MD
Riva Greenberg
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Expert Presentations in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Richard J. Baron. MD
2258 votes
Last activity:
3 hours ago
Shiv Gaglani, MD Candidate
398 votes
Last activity:
7 hours ago
Shiv Gaglani, MD Candidate
273 votes
Last activity:
7 hours ago
Shiv Gaglani, MD Candidate
201 votes
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1 hour ago
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Riva Greenberg
Diabetes Patient-Expert, Author, Speaker, and Health Coach
Gerald Hickson, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Suzanne Mitchell, MD
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
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